Intent of the Fund:

The Eureka Foundation (the Foundation) administers an endowment known as the Charles E. Criswell Memorial Fund. The Funds will provide scholarship grants to be known as the Charles E. Criswell Scholarship. The funds will provide two (2) $1,000.00  scholarships for individuals, including but not limited to high school, college and graduate school students to enable the recipient to complete vocational or technical school training.

The number of Scholarship Grants will be determined by how many candidates apply and meet the selection criteria with a maximum of two (2)  Scholarship Grants awarded each year which will allow the endowment interest to fund the Scholarship Grants. The Scholarship Grants will be a predetermined fixed amount that will allow the endowment fund to provide Scholarship Grants annually with the interest earned for up to four years for each recipient.

Additionally, the Foundation may accept other funds to provide scholarship grants to individuals, including high school students, to enable the recipients to complete an undergraduate education in the field of their choice at the college of their choice. Grants made from such Funds, or future funds, shall be referred to as “Scholarship Grants.”


Candidates shall be past or current residents of Eureka, Kansas or its surrounding area that seek vocational or technical training at an educational institution. The educational institution must provide an educational program offering a training program to prepare students for gainful employment and be accredited by a national recognized accreditation agency. All Scholarship Grants must be used for tuition and related expenses. The institution must normally maintain a regular faculty and curriculum and must normally have a regularly organized body of students in attendance at a place where the educational activities are carried out.

Candidate selection criteria also includes academic performance, recommendations from instructors of such applicants and others who have knowledge of the applicant’s capabilities, financial need and past or proposed course of study.

The Foundation reserves the right to impose additional, minor reasonable restrictions and/or requirements upon the awarding of Scholarship Grants and the administration of such grants. Any substantial or material changes will be made only with the approval of the Foundation’s Board of Directors.

For more information about the scholarship, contact the Foundation at