2018 Tornado Information

The Eureka Foundation is supporting local efforts to recover from the recent tornado. Click the links below for more information. (updated 10am July 11)

If you need help or have questions, call us at (620) 583-9857 or email admin@eurekakansas.com

– Information about assistance from the Red Cross is available at the library. The library also has free WiFi and a place to cool down

– The Long-term Tornado Committee is launching and will begin working with survivors one-by-one. If you have not been contacted, please contact the Foundation or the City.

– The City will pick up tornado debris piled placed at the curb until Thursday, July 19th. The tree limbs and brush must be in one pile, lumber and building materials must be in a separate pile, and no chemicals will be picked up. This service is provided only for those in the tornado path.

– On July 20th and 21st, the City will open the mixing grounds (south on State street) for a city cleanup. This is open to the whole town. The resident should have a water bill stub to verify city residency. NEW INFORMATION AS OF JULY 11: During Citywide Cleanup, the mixing grounds will take ANYTHING except C&D structural debris. The C&D landfill will also be open those days, so you can take C&D debris there.

– If a homeowner hires a tree trimming service, the service must take all limbs and brush to their own disposal site or the county landfill. Brush and limbs cut by a commercial service will not be accepted at the mixing grounds. The City  KDHE permit does not allow it.

– (UPDATED July 11) The County Construction and Debris (C&D) landfill will be open Monday-Friday from 8-4:30 and Saturdays from 8-3pm until July 21st. The landfill is located east of Eureka. Follow the signs off Highway 54.

– Please clean up quickly – the property owner will be tickets for any debris or trash remaining after August 23rd  per normal code enforcement. If you need help cleaning up, contact the City or Eureka Foundation and we will arrange volunteers.

– If you need a structure demolished, there are several local companies around town doing that work, including Larcom, Wells, Thornton, Frakes, and others. There is one man providing free demolition but you must hire someone to haul it to the dump. For more information call the City office at (620) 583-6140 or the Foundation at (620) 583-9857.

– Kansas state law requires Eureka to hold 15% of insurance payments for heavily damaged structures until the homes are repaired or demolished. After the work is complete, the City does an inspection and promptly gives the money to the property owner.  This law is designed to prevent property owners from running off with the insurance money and sticking the city with the abandoned property.

– If you are displaced by the tornado and need help, please register with the City by calling (620) 583-6140 or email cityadm@eurekaks.org

– Click here for temporary housing for tornado-displaced families.

– Click here to donate money to the Tornado Recovery Committee. The Eureka Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization, and donations are tax-deductible. 100% of the proceeds stay in Eureka with no administrative fees.

– If you plan to repair or rebuild your tornado-damaged home, click here for possible tax rebates BEFORE you start work or call the City office at (620) 583-6140 for more information.

– There are free supplies available at the old McDonalds building at 815 E. River Street and also at the old grocery store at 807 E. River Street.

– If you have moved into a new home or apartment and need help getting utilities connected, click here

– If you need to hire someone to repair or demolish your home, click here

– To restore AT&T service call  (800)288-2020

– If you still do not have electricity, it is likely that the connection to your house is damaged. Westar will not fix that. You need to call one of the local electricians to repair your service connection. Click here for a list of contractors that can help you.

– To restore Mediacom service call (855) 633-4226. Click here for the 5 July status from Mediacom status.

– Latest statistics (3 July) :

  • 303 structures in tornado path
  • 167 structures damaged
  • 32 homes have major damage
  • 19 homes are total loss
  • 20 commercial buildings damaged
  • 8 commercial buildings are total loss

– Below is a chart that explains what the colored damage assessment signs mean. In general, red means the structure needs to be demolished. Orange means the structure will need a lost of work to be safe for occupancy. Yellow and green mean the structure is damaged but safe for occupancy.