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There are many organizations in Eureka working to ensure community engagement and promote the downtown district.  Here are a few:

Greenwood Preservation Society

The Greenwood Preservation Society is a strong stakeholder in Eureka. It was formed in 2001 as a not-for-profit corporation. Since that time the GWPS has brought nearly $1.5 million dollars to Eureka.  Its first project was to save and restore the Greenwood Hotel at 300 N. Main.  The Hotel serves as a cultural focal point for Eureka.  This group is responsible for creating Eureka’s Historic Business District and bringing a number of cultural events to the community.


Myreka was so named because local Eureka children often say, “not YOUR-reka – MY-reka!”  Four years ago the Myreka movement began as a way to clean up, fix up and market Eureka. The organization meets monthly with between twenty and 45 individuals attending.  Active citizens also work to clean up the community with painting and clean-up projects.

Garden Club

The Eureka Garden Club is a long-standing organization with a purpose of promoting an interest in gardening as well as civic interest in gardening and improvement.  They maintain the mini-park on Main Street and are often seen in other areas of the community.

Greenwood County Cattlewomen/Cattlemen

Cattle are big business in tallgrass country. The Greenwood Cattlemen and Cattlewomen organizations began in the early 1900’s and began Eureka’s greatest festival, Cattlemen’s Day in 1926. This group continues efforts to promote ag education, holds activities downtown and promotes local history, including interest in Main Street. Members work hand-in-hand with Myreka, GWPS and the City.

Main Street Board

Eureka’s Main Street formed a board of directors utilizing individuals from various backgrounds and expertise.

Rayna Brandt-Main Street Director

Miranda Colangelo- President

Heidi Boone- Vice President

Diane Colangelo- Treasurer/Secretary

Marian Drake, Darren Rundell, Heather Fuesz, Jamie Lindamood, Steve Coulter, Lucas Herb-Mullen, Craig Olson, Marilyn Brink, Kevin Hough -Board Member